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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Laprairie, QC

In 2007, when I had the motivation to a) wake up early, b) walk a lot, c) go to the gym and d) to photograph for personal projects not related to school, I woke up early, walked half an hour to the old working class neighborhood near the train track (much like St-Henri) took some slides then went to the gym. This is my favorite photo of the roll.

Of the places I photographed, a vacant lot was built on (yay, 24 hour Petro Canada...) a diner was sold and is now being destroyed, another diner changed owners and is expected to change its name this summer (some family business went wrong) and a small shop was torn down.

La Place (the first diner I mentioned) was owned by Suzanne. She came daily to Maxi to buy the stuff she needed to cook tomorrow's menu. We got more acquainted when she lost her keys two times in a week in the banana rack. Last September, I brought her a piece of cake I had made in exchange of 6 quails. Since she sold the place (ha ha) I haven't seen her.

I'm posting this now because my parents have plans to move to another town.
I'm graduating.
I have to find a place of my own (well a place to rent so I can pretend it's mine).
I must therefore find a full-time job to pay for aforementioned apartment.

I will probably try to keep clicking shutters for a year, get really discouraged and feel like I studied Fine Arts (in vain) out of pretentiousness.

Trust me, if the later doesn't happen, I'll be more then surprised (and happy).

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