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Monday, April 18, 2011


Gilles works at the shopping center I work at. He does maintenance.
He has a daughter that lives in Kingston, ON and 2 grand-kids.
He enjoys skiing in the winter and he is an avid biker.
He was showing me pictures from a trip him and his biker buddies had made to New Hampshire a couple of years ago, and that photo caught my eye.
I am really not sure why I liked it so much and why it spoke so strongly to me.
So I borrowed it.
I told him to keep shooting film on his next trip (May). It gave quality to his photos that his digital point-and-shoot could not give him. Nor me.
I like other people's travel albums.
My boss is in China.
She's bringing me back a coffee mug, and a shit load of images to look at!

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