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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Remodelling Suburbia

Because subburbs do change.
Younguns and Olduns.

In my first year of University (2006-07), I did a project on Motel Interiors. I saw them as portraits of past occupants. I picked particular buildings that were built in the 70s, when the South Shore blosomed around Taschereau Boulevard. Their relevance today is questionable ($30 dollars gives you a nice 2 hours of fuck).

A lot of motels were built to house Olympic Games enthousiasts (Montreal hosted the '76 games), and I'm not quite sure how they survived after the touristic boost the games brought, but most of them are still up.
Except my favorites, Motel Canada and Motel Biscayne, which were torn down within the year.

This shot was not in my project, because of the weird colour shifts, but I love it still today.

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