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Monday, March 1, 2010

Portrait Venteux

V and I were once upon a time inseparable.
On new years eve he sent me an automated bilingual message an hour too late.
Of course he was the first person I called...but he never picked up.
Now we bitch about painting class, and that is all we do together.
At least last year we read the Bible.
That always deepens a relationship.

2006-01-15 00:05:10
Do you notice what makes you better than others?
moi jai mal au gosses quand les preliminaires sont trop longs

2006-01-15 00:05:26
stéphanie loquat
jveux mourir

2006-01-15 00:05:29
stéphanie loquat

2006-01-15 00:05:32
stéphanie loquat


  1. hmph! so strange how things go the way they go.

  2. :( We're discussing changing this.
    We decided to paint a giant wedding cake for class together.
    We'll see how that goes.